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Game Meet in NH free beer/food/sleeping. 2 day party

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Have to see what I can do.  With gas prices the way they are it's certainly not a definite thing.


That is a factor for me too, especially since I have to head up to Maine 9/18 for our first football game.

Oh come on you buttheads, he said free beer.

Hasn't been much interest as I'd assumed. Sometimes it's not a good thing to live in the middle of nowhere :) I think it's the same weekend as the baby shower as well, so most likely not gonna happen. Hope NECG picks up again soon ;)

I didn't see this post until right now. 

If you end up picking a new date let me know.

What's NECG?  The first three hits on Google are;

* Network Economics Consulting Group
* New England Custom Gun Service
* New England Consulting Group


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