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er, yeah it is now but wasnt before....?!

It was stickyfied at the same day it was posted...

A couple of things...

I think should be removed from "Where can I buy artwork prints?" Also, the following should be added:

I also think we should add...

-Where can I buy artwork stencils?,

And some great restoration tips from prOk (I don't think he would mind)   :applaud:

- Restoration Supplies
- Painting Tutorial
- Paint Codes
- Repairing fine details
- Control Panel Restoration
- Bolt head restoration. Who want ugly rusted bolts on a CP?
- DIY stencils
- Using professional stencils

That is all.  ;D


Another site full of graphic app tutorials.

Some very useful links, thanks.  I'll be bookmarking this page for future projects!


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