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This thread is to provide answers to some frequently asked questions. This thread is not to ASK questions but as an easy lookup for common answers. If want to ask a question that is not answered in the FAQ, please start a new topic. If the outcome of the discussion is interesting, relevant and valuable it will be added here.

Feel free to add relevant links to this topic.


- General restoration tips (if you are trying to restore artwork - look here first)
Arcade and Pinball restoration guide

- Where can I buy artwork prints?

- Where can I buy artwork stencils?

- What kind of paint to use for touch ups?

topic 1

- How to apply paint to MDF based cabinets (high glossy finish)?

topic 1

- I have a cab with missing artwork, where can I find artwork? Many enthusiast people try to preserve artwork. The result of their work can be found in the Arcade Art Library. You might be able to find the artwork you need there.

- Generic restoration tips by pr0k Restoration Supplies, Painting Tutorial, Paint Codes, Repairing fine details, Control Panel Restoration, Bolt head restoration. Who want ugly rusted bolts on a CP?, DIY stencils, Using professional stencils

NOTE BY MODERATOR: The pr0k URLs don't work right now.

Do-it-yourself artwork

- Where to get your artwork printed? See answer in Restoration section to question "Where can I buy artwork", some sites provide printing of your own designs.
- What is vectorising?

topic 1
topic 2

- How to vectorise?

the Frostillicuss vector tutorial
some hints
Illustrator vector tutorial

- What software to use?

topic 1
topic 2
topic 3 (about free programs)

- Where can I find ready to use vector artwork? The Arcade Art Library contains arcade related artwork both replicas of existing artwork and scratch made/own designs.

- When to upload to the Arcade Art Library? topic 1

- What about printing resolutions and sizes?
topic 1 topic 2 topic 3 topic 4

- What is RGB and CMYK? What to use? topic 1

- Suggestion for colour schemes?

topic 1

- Hints on the use of gradients (smooth shades of one colour into another) in artwork:

topic 1

- Where can I find stock photo material?

topic 1

- Where can I find scans of arcade related artwork?

A good source for images is The Arcade Flyers Archive

- How to scan sideart? topic 1

- Printing artwork on multiple sheets?
topic 1

- How to line up the artwork and holes in the control panel?

topic 1

- How to apply artwork that isn't sticky?

topic 1

- How to cut holes for buttons etc. in the artwork?

topic 1
topic 2 (in main forum)

thanks Horseboy for additional FAQ topics

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Also,I have been doing custom arts for many people here check out the "hire me" section on my site for more detail.

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