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Hi Folks

Can anybody give me a rough idea of how much cash it takes to build the machine out of the book? Just the materials and electrics, not the tools as I have most of them.

I live in England and understand the prices are a bit more expensive here. I am going on holiday to the US and may pay a visit to Happ Controls when there. I'm looking for the price in $ but also wonder if anyone in the UK has done it by buying the parts through overseas mail? If so, a price in

It depends.....

Mine cost me @$1500 all together.

Game said it very well,  because I thought we'd get ours done for about $400....but just the electronics cost me near that.  I would suspect, new PC and all, we got to the point we're at (not counting our TV) by spending between $800 and $1000 dollars.

Was it worth it. Oh yeah man, you better believe was worth every cent.  Why? Because there isn't another cabinet, flaws and all, that looks like mine out there anywhere.  That's the beauty of it to me...everything about it has our imprint.

I'm in the middle of making mine and so far I've spent around $550 but that doesn't include the tools them selves, butit does include saw blades, saw horses, all the wood and parts to build it, all the controls, 20+ buttons, trackball, 3 joysticks, t-molding, an I-Pac, etc.  Buying everything from ponyboy instead of from saved me $50-$100, so I'd recommend doing that.

I already have an old computer I'm going to use, so all I really have left to buy is a monitor which will probably be around $100 more and probably another $100 on other random stuff (artwork, speakers,etc.)

So when all is said and done I'll have spent around $750 for it.

Just thought I'd add that if you needed to do it with as little money as possible you could probably do it for less then $300, assuming you already have the tools, an old computer to use, and an old tv or monitor.  You can get cheap buttons and joystick from a place like or perhaps buying better ones used.

If you did a keyboard hack instead of buying something like an i-pac, and bought an old pc trackball and took it apart to use on your cp then you could save even more money.  You'd also have to print out all the artwork yourself, which if done right could still turn out pretty good.

In short, you can do it for quite cheap, it just takes a lot more work.


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