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megatouch question.

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Ken Layton:
You can ask them if they do that, but I kinda think you're going to be disappointed.

Yeah, I think I actually called them a year or 2 ago and asked them...and you are correct, I was disappointed :(

Oh well, maybe one day I will just buy a used machine.

The MT Gold series are just 486 motherboards with a special ISA daughtercard.  This daughtercard contains a special encryption key.  If it doesn't detect this key on boot, it'll tell you as much.

It *is* possible to boot one of these beasties after copying, but like Ken says without the security key you're SOL.

Are you talking about the EVO series?  I haven't had the opportunity to poke around in one too much, but I see it runs Linux.  A security key is likely.  Without it, you're screwed.

Yes, the EVO's have keys as well. You don't have to pay $5,000 for a new machine. You can always buy a used one and an update.

How old of a machine could I buy and still get the newest update?
Do you know what an update costs?


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