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Mortal Kombat 3 Arcade Machine/Jamma General Q's


I am interested in putting together a Mortal Kombat 3 machine and it seems it can be done signifcantly cheaper if you do it yourself with an empty cab and buying the PCBs and controls seperately.  Now I just dont know enough about arcade machines or JAMMA in general yet to indulge in this.  So here are my questions, once I buy the PCB (& sound board if not included) and i have a cabinet with monitor what more do i need?  What is the connection like?  Do cabinets include monitors?  Is there a standardized connection for the video?  do i need a power supply?  if so what kind?  so far i have found boards going for like 30-60 dollars and i saw a set of controls for 40 dollars.  can anyone point me to a good faq about building arcade machines or can someone please help me out here, thanks a lot!

Johnny the MAMEr:
Have you seen this site yet?

Try Bob Roberts site re buiding an arcade cabinet.

But why build a single use cabinet.   Go all the way and build a MAME cab.  Build a JAMMA cab and you can always add a j-pac and computer later.



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