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--- Quote from: millercentral ---Would be cool if your hardware support (LED and LCD control) was made into a plug-in system so the MaLa hardware support could be replaced with plug-ins for alternatives (where others providing the alternatives had to write the plug-ins too).
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What do you pay? ;) Maybe in version 5.x ...

--- Quote from: millercentral ---Would love for the video panel to be able to default back to a snap when a title doesn't have a video to show.

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As Buddabing reported there are some problems with the video panel. Will do some work on this.

--- Quote from: millercentral ---How about support for image lists (ie select from a list of screenshots or marquees instead of text names ala UltraStyle, defaulting to a text label only when a image is not available)?

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Nice thought. Will think about it.


--- Quote from: Buddabing on August 16, 2005, 05:50:32 pm ---Also, it would be super sweet if your attract mode editor would work with my LED controller.

I have my own animation language that I am using for it. I don't think your ledconfig file is compatible with it.

I also have my own control panel layout files. I don't see any samples of .cpl files in your distribution.

PM me if you are interested in collaborating.


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Maybe we can get in touch later.


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