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Anyone in Nebraska?

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Hey, I'm a Nebraskan as well.  I got a few old parts from a guy who was waaaaaay out on West 'O' street.  I think it was past the Pla Mor ballroom and it was in an old crappy building called "El Ranchita."

I'm not sure what happened to that guy because he's not there anymore...  Hopefully he didn't sell me 'hot' parts.  :angel:


That is funny. West O is bad enough but in a place called El Ranchita?!?!  Those things have got to be sizzling!  Maybe the  :police: took them to the pen.

That's entirely possible.  The guy I talked to was really nice, but also very white-trash.  The business was pretty iffy, but I'm pretty sure it was actually legal.  He actually fixed a monitor for me after I fried it  ::).


Hey i'm in Lincoln NE 8). I'll be moving to the dorms next week at UNK but i'll coming to Lincoln on weekends.  I maybe young but i love arcades anything that has to do with them. Feel free to contact me through AIM to see my set up or i can check yours out.

Selling a few games in omaha nebraska arcade games such as frogger and golden tee 2005 and a few more/ plz hmu if interested


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