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Eygo 27" monitor owners! (Please Read)


I just received My monitor yesterday and I am happy with it but I have a question regarding Game resolutions. I have mame set at 320x240 but some horizontal games take up more than the screen, the same for vertical. Ive played around w/ the settings but I can't find a happy medium between too small( whole game in the center of the screen,8"x5" for vert?) or too large ( Pac-Man bottom of maze is off screen) any suggestions? I am running MameD.59, AAH front end, Have Ge-Force3 vid card

I've got an EYGO 19 inch and had the same dillema. You'll either have to look into Advance MAME or opt to go with the Windows port of MAME. (Both of which work awesome for me on my end.)


this is how I have mine setup

640x480x60 in windows.
Mame.ini setup to never change resolutions/bpp or anything.
HWStretching on.

I spend a good deal of time with my frontend to have it use native resolutions when they were available (most games run 320x24)...

but I just couldn't tell the difference between them in looks.

Its also MUCH faster going into a game without mame switching resolutions for some reason.

Anyway, before spending to much time, see if you can handle the HWStretching as a full time feature.

btw... 640x480, 320x240, 320x200 are the only settings I've found so far.  Stopped looking a bit ago


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