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NYC - (Manhattan) at the new Dave & Busters? (NEW- 4/3/06)

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There's a new D & B opening in Times Square this week.....any interested in a BYOAC get together there?

Let me know!  ;D

...DISREGARD THE OLD THREAD BELOW!!.....I have updated this on 4/3/06.


is it gonna be you and me again ?  ;D

Lets see how this one turns out...

That's funny!...I have a feeling you're right!

Well I'm off from school so I might be able to make it, depends on my ability to get to the city from NJ tho.

Does anyone know how bad a walk it is from the 33rd street PATH station?  I see I can hop on the subway too, but if the walk isn't so bad, I'd prolly just do that.

I might I might..anybody wanna play me for money in any street fighter..I will play with 1 hand :D ;)


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