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Anyone selling any games within 100mi of the Omaha, NE area??

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I'm looking for some uprights to fill out my gameroom....anyone selling any, or know of any for sale within 100 miles of the omaha, NE area that i could pick up??  I'm mainly looking for bargains, as i don't want to spend a fortune, but they need to at least be working.

<--- plenty of machines in north Texas

(At least it's another Big 12 state.)

Tell me about it....if i live in the DFW area of TX, i'd totally be happy, seems like games pop up there all the time.  Quite a few in St. Louis, and Kansas City areas too, but that's just a little too far for me (3-7 hours each way).  I want to actually look at the games in person and test them before i buy, i just feel safer that way.

there should be all kinds of places in omaha to purchase used games, have you tried posting your request to the RGVAC?, or try doing searches on ebay for persons selling within 50 or 60 mile radius of your zip code.


This guy has a bunch of much cheaper games usually on Ebay or in his warehouse if you ask.  His games are often dirty, but in near perfect condition once cleaned up.  I purchased a Dig-Dug from them about 5 years ago and it was pretty cheap and it was really nice.  They're located in Holdrege, NE...Like I said, as long as you don't mind using some Windex and Formula 409 you won't be dissappointed.


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