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new ways to mount a 21"vga in my ms.pac-man?? help

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so yeah.. I was given this vga monitor that will fit perfectly into my ms.pac cab..and I dont want to strip it down to the bare essentials like I do to all of the other monitors I put in cabs...I'd like to remove the rear cover off of the casing and leave the front bezal on the monitor face......

I dont know if i'm asking how but more so looking to see if anyone has done this..i'm sure it has been done..maybe a url to a project that has this done already I could benchmark from..thanks

You might find a bezel that fits inside the current bezel.  so you loose a little of the realestate, but not a huge deal.

You also might get some poster board of the same color as the current bezel and try to match it up from there out.

You can also put a glass bezel only and shadow out the original bezel... and paint it black (if it isn't already black).  This makes it pretty hard to see.

thx. lilwolf but I already have a bezal to stick to it..I actually need a good way to mount the monitor in the cab..and I want to leave the front of the monitors old bezal attachec because it kinda holds the whole shi-bang together.....follow???


Depending on the monitor, you can usually remove the back and sides with no problem.  The bottom is usually tied struturally to the metal case to give it strength if you have a monitor that pivots on a stand.  Depending how they mounted it you maybe able to remove the rounded portion that sits on top of the stand or worst case you may have to trim the plastic off with a dremel.  My Sun monitor was secured from inside the metal chassis so I would have had to take everything apart.  I cut off the excess plastic instead.

Once that is removed you have a monitor with a bezel that as you say holds alot of the monitor together.  You can back out the screws that secure the tube and put in brackets or tabs that will allow you to mount the chassis.  

Each one is a little different and will take some creative work on your part to see how far you can strip it down.


I already took apart a 19"vga and mounted it to the original mspacman chassis but it is actin kinda flaky so I am going to go through it and use it in another being done i need to refabricate a new chassis mount and not haveing anything to mount the new monitor to i wanted to leave it mostly together..and was wonderin if anyone else has done or seen this in ther travels on the web.......i dont need any bezels or anything like that.... :)



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