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I don't know Mame Launcher.

But if you are looking for a FE which can work in Vertical as well than horizontal or coktail and support all Resolution of the Arcade VGA , you can try mine.

I promess you ... Error message won't be in German!...  ;)  (hum..what about french?  ;D)

I tired your FE.  It was okay, but as I am not very intelligetn in this field yet, I was not able to get it to load my mame, and multiple emulators as well.  I kept getting blank screens.

There is simple tutorial in the documentation provided with the distribution.

For a simple configuration you just have to say where is your emulator and where are your roms.  And that's all.


--- Quote from: dabone on June 28, 2005, 04:47:35 pm ---Just from glancing, it doesn't support 321x240 resolution for arcade vga owners, (And I can't stand my front end to be interlaced)


--- End quote ---

MaLa also supports all resolutions of the arcade vga, just use fixed size layouts and you are done.

The German on install has also been removed


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