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North Texas BYOAC Meet! SuperAuction 8-13-05!!!

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**see the last posts for 8-13-05 details.  most likely lunch at Hooter's**

*Official Plans*
July 16th

Meet at Chipolte's on 377 at 11AM
HEad over to Tornado Terry's at about noon or 12:30

see ya'll there

*Official Plans*

Attention DFW and all surrounding areas....I've been made aware that it's been too long since our last get together.  Well let's fix that.

This is good timing too 'cause we have a bunch of new guys, which is a great thing. 

Let's start posting up some preferences.  Last time we did it on a Saturday.  Had some lunch and went over to Tornado Terry's.  A great arcade in Keller with classics and he is a great supporter of BYOAC wth his parts (and my first cab)

A great afternoon would be Babe's Chicken Dinner House and then all you can play  at Terry's.  Although a burrito and straight to the aracade worked for me last time.  WE'll meet up somewhere for some good discussion, questions, possible answers and good company.  Xcalibur, just make sure you say hi to the guy in the yankees jersey.  ::)

The first couple Saturdays in July are bad for me and Nanuu.  any other thoughts?

How's the  end of July beginning of August sound? 

July 30? 


That works for me. Maybe my brother would like to go too.

I'm out on the 30th.  Could definitely do it August 6.  Or even July 23.

I am definately in! I won't be so shy this time  ;D

I liked the Chipoltle first and then Terry's.

Keep me posted on a date and place.


Sure, that's good for me as long as it's after July 11th.


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