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Dicharging TVs ?


Hi, since I am a newbie I am wondering why it is necessary to discharge an arcade Monitor (how often ? Only the first time when installing in the cabinet ?) and not a TV which has similar technology. I have never seen anyone discharging  his/her TV !?

After reading the warning on the dangers of discharging arcade Monitors, I am thinking of buying an already Made Hanoho pc cabinet with a Wells Garner Monitor with the VGA input. (Will I have to discharge that one also ? Should I go for the new Hanoho models with PC monitors for the peace of Mind ?)


You only need to Discharge the monitor if you are going to do some work/taking it apart. Same thing with TV if you are going to do some work with the TV tube, just a precaution so you won't get killed by the HIGH CAPACITOR charge within the TUBE, or a KID standing by you that see a HOLE and stick thier fingers in it, you discharge it. I been working with them myself and most of the time I don't discharge it because I put it back together right away, but if I am to leave it apart for just an hour or two that i won't be around, I discharge it and put the tube somewhere so no KIDDIES will screw with it, I just don't want to come home later and find a couple of bodies lying around the tube with the FINGERS in the HOLE.  FIRE IN HOLE...LOOKOUT.....


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