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Operation Wolf -- Cheyenne, WY -- Pickup Only

When I got this the game would not come on. After some light troubleshooting, I found the power supply to be defective. I swapped it out with a known good power supply and the game came on. My good power supply will not be included (my only spare). Monitor has burn in. Also, the monitor will not focus (hard to read text and graphics are blurry), possible bad flyback. Cabinet has a lot of water damage. Game coins up and you can start the first stage. No sound. No gun recoil. Marquee does not light up. When you pull the trigger the screen flashes indicating a shot has been fired and ammo is depleted. Hits will not register though, I believe this is because of the monitor focus issue, I may be wrong though. No back door and missing the "anti-glare" glass that goes between the monitor and mirror. Thought I would offer this up for free before I part out what I am able to (which isn't much) and/or trash it. Not expecting to see any interest in this, but I can send pics on request.

FREE to a good home. ORLANDO, FL.
full size arcade cabinet. peeling and wood exterior, street fighter 2 jamma inside. monitor, board, psu, all work and game works. no controls though. i have a some random parts from my last build i will include as well. if no one is interested soon i will through this sucker on craigslist but i would like to give you guys first dibs. :D

email: mrtuesday42 AT

You can read the sordid story as to how I got an extra chassis and why it is slightly defective in this thread. Thanks to the good advice from the people here on this forum, plus a new voltage regulator transistor, I got my monitor working.

So, if anyone wants this chassis (Wei-Ya 825), it's free to a good home. Again, this chassis is slightly damaged due to being powered up without an isolation transformer. Replacing the voltage regulator transistor should fix it. All I ask is that you pay the shipping cost. I'm guessing it will be in the $10-$13 range for the continental US. First person to shoot me a message with an address is today's lucky winner. Paypal preferred, but a check is fine (If it's good enough for Bob Roberts, it's good enough for me!)

Free: NEC 3PG 27" Monitor. I was using it as a TV in the bedroom. It has BNC (comes with BNC to RCA adaptor) and S-video inputs as well as RCA audio inputs. It also has a 15 pin VGA connection (with cord included) and (I think) 5 color BNC connections. Back in the day I had it hooked up and it CAN run 1024x768 with the correct refresh rate even though the book says 800x600 is max.

Must pick up in Burnsville, MN. South of Minneapolis and Bloomington (south of the river).



Free - Old radio cabinet for possible jukebox project. It's in rough shape and completely empty.

Local pickup only approx 20 miles SW of Albany, NY.

If you want to see a restored radio of the same model look here.


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