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TWO WELLS GARDNER D9800 MONITORS. I used one on my Aliens build the other was a spare never used. They have sat unused and travelled the country with me. I would like them to go free to someone in the Vancouver area but have some requirements:

- They go to someone passionate about building Arcade cabinets and not a reseller
- The person in question come and collect them. I cannot help haul them but can provide easy access

Monitors were purchased in 2009. THe one used for about 8 years and then stored. The other never used.

Sonoma, CA

Sony KV-27S46 + uninstalled RGB SCART Mod

I bought this for $120 and spent the money on an RGB SCART mod that I didnít install yet, but ended up with a great deal on a BMV A-20F1U instead.

Free for whoever's first!


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