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--- Quote from: stevetnj on February 03, 2022, 09:54:23 pm ---I'm trying to upload a picture of the part I'm selling, installed in the game.  I keep getting a "failed security checks" message.  What is causing that?  It's just a simple photo.

--- End quote ---
Unfortunately, the forum software sometimes throws false positives during the security checks.   :banghead:

The two workarounds that people have used to change the hash value are:
  1. Crop or resize the image by about 3-5%.
  2. Draw a dot in a similar-colored section of the picture.

After making one of these changes try uploading it again.

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I have an old Ultimarc ArcadeVGA R9200 AGP video card to give away if anyone wants it.  I assume shipping to the US will be $10, in which case I can cover the shipping.  If shipping is more than that and you love AGP video cards I'll let you pay shipping.  :)

this has been taken

I would be interested in it if it is still available.

Joystick with two tops

Just cover $5 shipping to the US only

They are Gone...

Fress ActLabs GS guns system.   On their web site claims they only work with Win95/98.  I never tried to hook them up.  I have the drivers etc. from the actlabs website on the included USB stick.




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