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Posted on main page but just in case:

Free aircraft carrier control panel (Flynn's).  You can use it or use it as a template.  More details on main page:,163252.0.html

FREE Acclaim Tsunami Re-Volt Empty Driving Racing Cabinet Revolt

Local Pickup in North East Kansas

Have a Acclaim Revolt Empty Cabinet, picture shows what it looks like not a picture of actual cabinet though, basically just a good shell to do something with you have the need for a cabinet for a project or looking for a good cabinet to replace a damaged one. This style of cabinet is also used on the Need for Speed series of Games by Global VR depending on exact model you have. Cabinet is in good shape, still has the Revolt side art, includes the back door, Seat Assembly, Fold Down Marquee, Steering Wheel Assembly with Force Feedback Motor and Pedal Assembly.

The computer also goes with it, includes the motherboard, hard drive and computer case that its installed in with the CD drive, I actually have two of these will toss in on the deal, the 2nd one however does not have a hard drive. There are no security dongles, so not sure if they originally had any or not. The wiring harness is also still inside the cabinet.

Does not include:
-Force Feedback Boards
-Audio Amps Boards
-Any other misc. boards specific to this game

FREE Neo Geo MVS control panel

Local pickup in Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay)

I picked up a Neo Geo MVS control panel locally about 2 years ago now.  I'll give more details in a second, but here's a picture:

Unfortunately, a previous owner drilled out two of the carriage bolt holes to install those buttons.  I'm sure it could be fixed if you have access to a welder.
Additionally, the wires they connected to the microswitches were soldered on, so there's some excess solder on the contacts.

I haven't tested the switches, but it's all there in terms of buttons and microswitches.  Albeit, some of them are mismatched and whatnot.
There's no memory card or headphone jacks, but the blockout place is in place.
3 of the 4 corners of the control panel overlay are broken off, and of course there are those 4 holes drilled in it where the buttons were installed.

Posting it here before trying to give it away on craigslist.

Saw this on FB Market place this morning.

4 free CRT monitors of questionable condition in Columbia TN.
might be something someone is interested in.
to far for me to go.

Hello --

  I'm not sure if you are the admin (there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to message the admin) but I'm hoping you are...

  I'm trying to upload a picture of the part I'm selling, installed in the game.  I keep getting a "failed security checks" message.  What is causing that?  It's just a simple photo.

LMK, please.


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