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Occasionally, members will have items for which they no longer have a need.  One of the nice things you can do is give the item away to another member.  

Some basic rules:

1) This thread will be used *only* for posting of free items.  Discussion will not be allowed.  PM the person offering the item.  After the item is claimed, delete the message offering the item.  This way the thread won't be cluttered.

2) Asking for money for items in this thread is not allowed, other than the cost of shipping.

3) Trades aren't allowed either.  Giveaways *only*.  Trades belong in the rest of the forum.

4) Local pickups are excellent, but if an item must be shipped, the person offering the item must either ask a *reasonable* amount for shipping (eg - don't ask $10.00 to ship a single button).  And, of course, offering to pick up the shipping yourself is a very generous gesture.


Just pay $6.00 for s/h to USA only.

I make this cables as I find Monitors being thrown away. I snip the cables and make it usefull.

I now have plenty of VGA cables. Got them from a company that purchased new monitors and used the DVI/HDMI cable instead of VGA.
Each one of this cables makes 2 VGA Breakout.
See pic below.

All that I make are fully tested in my Arcade Monitor Mame Cab (Guaranteed working).

A diagram below to make one yourself.
Pins mark with * you don't use.
If Pin 9 exist on your cable, consider it *.
In order to get composite, you just need to twist 2 wires (13 & 14) and connect to your monitor SYNC.
Use a multimeter continuity to trace what cable is what. Don't go by the colors of the wires.
Connect all GND together.
The RGB should be easy to figure out.


Please help, as I need to move a TV and arcade machine to my new place after having to move unexpectedly. The drive is only 5 minutes away from my old place to my new place, and in return, I will give you a Showcase arcade cabinet. Here is a larger picture of what is included:

The cabinet I am offering was a project MAME cabinet that I couldn't finish, and my old landlord needs it out of my old garage. The monitor is not attached, but is included.

Please call Antonio ASAP 415-572-3713 (please no texting or emails) - I have NO TIME for flakes, so unless you can help me, please don't call. You will need a large van or truck to transport this. I am in the east bay area in El Sobrante off of highway 80 going out towards Vallejo.

Want to get rid of:

Instruction booklet manual for Radar Mission for Game Boy Gameboy.

Slight crease from top to bottom near right side.

$1 shipped in a simple USPS envelope w/ a plain old stamp.


Nonworking Hantarex 900/e.    Plus two chassis, of which I think one works.  IIRC it's missing transistors.  Pickup only in 05301.


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