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GeForce4 MX420 - Need help!


I bought a new PC today for my cab (nearly there!).

Couldn't get a reasonably priced machine with the ATI card I wanted so I settled for the GeForce4 MX420.

Problem is I cant get the PC the recognise the TV.

The PC came with no lead for the TV out so I bought a cheap s-video to scart - nothing. I've tried everything I can to get the pc to see it but it wont. The only input I have to my TV is scart and the only output on the pc is s-video, I thought the most direct route would be best, but apparantly not!

nVidia's website mentions buying an s-video to composite adapter if the TV has no s-video but nothing about scart. Has anyone successfully connected this card directly through scart?

The PC runs XP (not for much longer!!) and is a P4 2ghz.

Apols for keep asking tv out related questions, but this is causing by far the most probs for me.

Are you sure the T.V. out actualy works at all?

It might be a good idea to cart your computer around to a friend who does have an s-vid T.V. and check it out there before dropping more money on new connectors.

Also, if you haven't already installed the latest drivers for the card this would be a good time to do so.

The GFX card needs to be receiving a certain signal from the TV before it will allow you to chose TV out as an option.  I had a GeForce2 which would recognise 1 of 2 TVs using the S-Video, but would work Composite with both.

I bought a scan converter anyway and it worked fine on both then...   ;D


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