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X-Arcade Dreamcast Adapter to JPAC hack possible ?


Anyone know if you can hack the Xarcade Dreamcast adapter to accept the input from a JPAC. It would be a much easier solution than hacking up two Dreamcast controllers to accomplish the same task and is available from Tigerdirect for $30. Below is the description. I just have no idea what this thing even does to know if this would ever work.

The X-Arcade

It took me a couple of times to figure out what you meant in your post.

I don't think that it can take the output of a J-Pac (which outputs PC keyboard signals), though you might be able to hook it up directly to the controls themselves (bypassing the J-Pac).  I don't know what the X-Arcade is like internally, so I can't say for sure.

If you're willing to settle for just one player working off the J-Pac, I do know a solution. A Device called Smart Joy 2 lets you use a PC keyboard as a joystick (which is what the J-Pac outputs) on your Dreamcast. I tested it and it does work, but you'll need to reprogram the J-Pac to what the adapter wants. (the key map is inside the package it comes in)

link to it:
(it also lets you use a playstation controller on Dreamcast)


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