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Monitor Woes.


I built a Jamma cab and I am currently attempting to put a SHARP Model#XM-1801N.  I got it out of a Playchoice cab.  There is no wiring diagram and there are some extra connectors that I have no Idea what they do. They are red and white and have a connector kind of like this...
/  O       O  ]

If you know about this monitor you will know what I am talking about.
I wanted to know what the heck these are, also If i leave it unconnected if it will hurt anything ( I have a suspission that they are for speakers)  also Will this monitor work with Jamma?  I know that some nintendo monitors dont work with normal jamma but I thought that it was just Sanyo brands.  If any one knows of where I can find a manual / diagram for this monitor (I found one for the like 2001XM-18 or something like that but not my model) that would be great.  Shoot me an email at or post here thanx!

Dear God someone please help me! I am ripping my hair out over this. I have blown the fuses twice and I don't have any idea why. I have the wiring correct, I have to. It is sooooo strange this monitor. The six pin connector for the video signals go like this.
Pin 1 Green
Pin 2 Red
Pin 3 Blue
Pin 4 Ground
Pin 5 Ground
Pin 6 Negative Composite Sync
Why is this so damn difficult!! I have all the right things hooked up. I think that this has to do with the messed up ground (I cant figure out exactly how to connect the grounds! WTF why are there two grounds, and why cant I find the exact monitor manual!!!!!! There is a video signal polarity switch that will take care of the inversion but WTF!!! Rant over.
I relly do need help I am tired of buying those little fuses!


I found this site that may have more info.  I did not search it.  The Sharp XM-1801N apparently has parts in common with the XM-2001N as shown in the picture.  Site is supposed to be monitor oriented.


Followed up on the XM2001N and found a page listing the monitor schematic.



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