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I'm installing the speakers in my cab, i'm using a pair of hifi speakers and an old pc speaker amp- problem is the speakers are making a horrible buzzing noise over the sound, its particularly noticeable when I turn them down. The little speakers in the pc amp never did this, any suggestions on how I can stop it.  ???

Make sure your line level cables (from pc to amp), and the amp itself stay clear of the marquee light, monitor electronics, and any other electrically 'noisy' items in your cab.  You are probably getting interference from the emfs.

mine was not that close to the monitor and the speaker made a kittle hum so, I held the PCB from the Tube neck and it stop the noise. Thats where it came from, so I pull the PCB out and just widen the pins and re-inserted it to make it a little tighter and that did the trick for me at least.. Sometimes you think it comes from your speaker and its actually your Flyback is the the one making noise.


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