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okay i am using paint shop pro and i made a marque.i cant open the .PSP file.its too big.i was trying to make the best image possible and ended up making it so large that i cant open it.paint shop would freeze on me.i have a .JPG file too..a when i go to kinkos,do i bring that paint shop format or the .JPG format? ???

here is the picture property of the .JPG file

width  7501 pixels
height 2700 pixels
horizontal resolution  2540 dpi
vertical resolution  2540 dpi
bit depth 24
frame count 1

also is .JPG file good enough.after all i want this to look right.not all blocky and jaggy.anyone have any idea on this problem.please please post.i dont feel right about spending around $20 then print out a crappy looking marque.also what kind of paper do i ask for when i go to kinkos.anybody printed please post about this matter.what paper you used and which is the right paper.many thanks to anyone who helps :)

From your dimensions it looks like your marquee is about 1" high and 3" wide.  I would suggest making the image only 300 dpi.

you are was 300 dpi at the first place..the size is which i bring to kinkos? .JPG or .PSP

please please....thanks... ;)


--- Quote ---you are was 300 dpi at the first place..the size is which i bring to kinkos? .JPG or .PSP

please please....thanks... ;)
--- End quote ---

When I had mine printed at Kinkos I brought in a jpeg file.

Also, I printed mine on backlit stock instead of paper.

This material is like a thin piece of opaque plastic that is designed to have a light behind it.

A bit pricey depending on size....I think I paid like $28.00 + tax for a marquee that was 27 x 8 but looks wonderful with a flourescent behind it with a single sheet (ie: no color fade). I sandwiched this between two pieces of lexan.

I would suggest that you take a piece of paper the size of what you are planning to print and do a test mount to ensure that the overlap of the marquee holder does not cover up the top/bottom edges of your marquee image. I did not think about the degree that this would overlap first time out of the shoot and ended up having to resize and reprint mine.



you printed yours twice???....

man $28 is kinda pricy but whats you site?..i wanted to take a look..and thanks for the advice..i will follow..


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