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ADVMAME with S-video = Purple screen?


I'm having a problem setting up advmame with arcadeos.  I have an ATI rage pro card with S-video out going to a new Toshiba Television.  When I try to run the Advcfg file to set-up mame, I choose NTSC 60hz etc... but when I get to the test screens all I get is a dark purplish screen. I tried tweaking the plock levels a little but no luck.  when I run Advmame it runs with sound and all but I get the Purplish screen and can't see anything.  

Help! :(

Make sure your TV Out card supports TV=Out in DOS Mode (not all do).  

Next of all, it sounds like the Green gun is bad (or the green signal), is not getting to the TV somehow.    Since most TVs sync on Green, this may be the problem.

I suggest trying a different S-video cable.     Also, try to make sure that the Video is set to the correct input (sometimes TVs have a Composite/S-Video input select).     If there is no input select, try high or low numbered channels.   I suggest trying channels 0, 1, 2, 90, 91, 92, 99,100,125, and 999.   Also, try pressing down on the TV or remote from channel 1 or 2, or try pressing up from channel 99, 125, and 999.

The other thing to try is to load windows, and see if it works there.  

I would suggest trying normal Mame with a resolution of 640x480.  You might also want to try a resolution of 800x600.  The tv-out chip should be able to convert and output these resolutions to the screen.  Also if the tv-out doesn't work in dos, try windows.


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