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How can I run Windows on my arcade monitor?  
Will it only work with certain monitors or video cards?
Do I need to use special drivers or settings in Windows?  


Not well.

the best I've heard about is
JPac (so if you have the wrong settings, you wont blow your monitor)
m400 (Malox card)...
special drivers for the malox.

I've also heard of some very expensive scan converters working.  this is the BEST solution (the example I saw... who had that 52" sit down cab??).  The output was AMAZING... everything looked FSAA and great... but the converter was new at $2000 or so.  But you might be able to find some of the great scan converters on ebay for a few hundred.

If you only want windows for config... JPac can do it with some additional cards I believe... but it will double the screen (so you see it twice)...

FYI, i think he meant "matrox" on the vid card, not malox.

I am using a Matrox G400 card with the g400interlace.exe program.  Works great.  Once your in Windows you need to start the g400interlace program and turn on the arcade monitor.


Arcade Jukebox

Can I run Windows on a arcade monitor with this card:

ATI Xpert 98 Pro AGP Rage Pro Turbo


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