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Lave Laar:
Well I've tried SB16, SB32 and SB64 all ISA.


--- Quote from: Lave Laar on May 10, 2005, 08:46:15 am ---Well I've tried SB16, SB32 and SB64 all ISA.
--- End quote ---

No, no, no . .  . keep saving for a touchscreen!  :-)

Hi Chris,

Dammm I have to get the cards again and type what i already type before.....My time was up and it log me and could not go back and COPY/PASTE what I typed....Anyway enough of the rant.....

Here is the scoop, it sounded better the first time...  ;)

I have finish configuring all my pure DOS soundcards and here is the list. LMK which one you want to test.

Creative Ct3620 ISA
Creative Ct2230 ISA
Creative Ct2980 ISA
Creative AWE64 Ct4520 ISA
Creative CT4810 PCI
Creative AUdioPCI ES1373
FX-3D AD1816 ISA
FX-3D Plus AD1816 ISA
SoniWave-SR FM801 Forte Media PCI
Crystal CX4235 ISA
Crystal CS4236 ISA

I have tested this Cards w/Vantage and MAME.

Also I have this YAMAHA XG YMF724E PCI card that I have the DOS driver for and the test past but Vantage/MAME don't recognise it.

I also have 3 more cards that I can't find DOS driver for, maybe you have some. Here is the list
Vortex Au8820B2 PCI
Crystal CS 4231 ISA
AD1845JP Soundport (Ensonic chip on it) ISA

LMK which of this you have not tested w/DOScab.

I failed miserably trying to get an Creative AudioPCI ES1371 to work with DOScab but hell, I coudln't even get the test program that came with the driver to work. It's possible that it was conflicting with the onboard sound.


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