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Many of my support queries have to do with trying to find a sound card in DOS that works.  Unfortunately, the official list of cards is pretty limited: the SoundBlaster 1.0, SoundBlaster 1.5, SoundBlaster 2.0, SoundBlaster Pro, SoundBlaster 16, ESS Audiodrive, Ensoniq Soundscape, and Windows Sound System.  All of these cards are ISA (with the exception of WSS, which I think is found on some old integrated chipsets).  Any card that is 100% hardware compatible with one of these cards should work.  Unfortunately, most later Creative Labs cards like the SoundBlaster PCI 128, SoundBlaster Live, etc. don't fit the bill, as they use a software emulator for SB DOS compatibility.

So I need to create a hardware compatibility list for DOSCab.  For that, I need to know what cards DOSCab users out there are using, along with the chipset name if you know it.  (Some Creative Labs cards, for example, use several different chipsets, so one SB128 might work where another does not.)  Chipset is probably more important than card, as I'm willing to bet that all cards with the same chipset will work (if their DOS drivers can be located, that is...). If you had to jump through any particular hoops or download a special driver to make the card work, I'd like to hear about that, too.

For sound cards that don't work, either sound won't initialize and DOSCab will error out, or it will initialize as a SoundBlaster but when attempting to play a song the song wil get stuck at 0:00. I'd like to hear about  cards you have that don't work as well.

Outside of the ones listed above, I know the following work:

Crystal Semiconductor CS4236 (ThinkPad 380ED onboard sound)
Via VT82C686A (ASUS K7M onboard sound)
ALS 4000 (CompUSA-brand PCI 3D Sound Card)
C-media CM8738 (IWill KK266-R onboard sound)
Creative Vibra16 Model CT4180

Does anyone know of any others?

Thank you for your help!


It will probably be Monday before I have time, but I have three different machines running DOSCab at home so I'll let you know what chipset each sound card is on those and what drivers I had to load to get them working.

Anyone else have any input?

You should check out the vsynchmame page...

The have DOS drivers for a LOT of sound chips.

I'm sure the drivers will probably work with DOSCab.

You can pick up some of the cards listed on the page above pretty cheaply on Ebay if you feel like doing some testing and detective work.


I use an ISA Creative Vibra16 Model CT4180
Main chip is labelled CT2505-TDQ2




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