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I've added keys to DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox that jump to the next letter of the alphabet using the first letter of the artist's name (not counting the word "THE").

I believe that it would be intuitive to jump to the beginning of each and every letter.  For your example, I would expect to proceed to the Baha Men.

When I search for a particular artist, I ask, "Which letter does this artist's name begin with?", then proceed/skip to that letter set, and then I expect to parse alphabetically within that set to the artist's name.  It probably makes the most sense to stick with an alphabetical sorting and parsing method at all times.

I agree with minnegopher.  Back to the first artist for that letter.

I also agree that the first artist (in this case Baha Men) is the most intuitive.

Well, I just made it so, but I just realized I have another problem.  The function checks the first label on the page for a new letter... but the letter may actually change mid-page.  o when you skip from A-Ha on page 1 to Baha Men on page 4, you might miss Bad Religion near the end of page 3 because page 3 starts with The Ataris.  Do people agree that this is bad?  Looks like a rewrite is in order...  :(



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