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Calling all ppl using a TV in there cabinet!!


Help me BYOAC forum... you are my only hope!

Now that I have finished all the major work on my cabinet.  I'm now in the process of tweaking the system.

I am presently running XP and Mame32 on a 29" TV via SVideo out on a Geforce2 MX400.  And while the games look good on TV.  I'm having a issue working in windows, as most of the wording in too small and therefore blurry.  Even while running 640x480.  Any suggestions on how to improve this?  Make it alot clearer?  I mean, how does a scan converter work?  Would it help?

As well, I sometimes regardless of being in XP or running a game.  I see some "thin green lines" about an inch apart displaying on my screen.  Any thoughts on this?

Any other thoughts or suggestions.  Or even you explaining how you've configured your TV would be appreicated!!!


I am using tv's in two of my mame cabs..I have vga's in the others ..but as far as solving this XP right click on the desktop area and go to properties--> appearance-->advanced/ and then in the lower drop down pick what you would like to modify and then resize it using the drop down to the right the 1st one..and that should will be able to make the font sizeing for your pc desktop larger..
If this is still unclear  drop a line and I can email a pick of my desktop with the correct window open. :) good luck!

XP doesn't really let you customize the font sizes thru the "Advanced" settings like 98 did, unless you change your appearance scheme to "Windows Classic".  :P

I'm also using a TV and a Geforce, and using larger fonts and enabling "ClearType" helps a lot.  Right-click on your desktop and select "Properties".  Click on the "Appearance" tab and go down to "Font Size".  Select "Extra Large Fonts".  Now click on "Effects" and check the box that says "Use the following method to smooth the edge of screen fonts."  In the box below, choose "ClearType".  This creates a slightly lighter edge to appear around type, so that it stands out clearly from the background.  You may also want to choose "Use large icons" while you're here.  Click "OK" on the two open panels, and your settings will be applied.

Good luck.


--- Quote ---Help me BYOAC forum... you are my only hope!
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Are you related to Princess Leia?  :o)

Blurry is what you get with a tv.  It is much more similar to an actual arcade monitor.  You won't get nice clear tiny text like on a pc monitor.  You could try increasing the font size much larger to be able to read it.  No idea on the green lines.  I am guessing a driver problem.  Try a different screen resolution.

I tried a tv with my Asus 7100 but I thought it looked too fuzzy (it did look like the real thing though).  I guess I am just too used to these nice crisp pc monitors.  The tv did seem to have a little too much red in the image for me.


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