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DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.0 Beta 6 Released

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DOSCab and WinCab Jukebox version 3.0 Beta 6 has been released.  The biggest change in this version is the addition of a screensaver and a new BTN_RANDOM button, along with a heap of bug fixes.  Also new in this version is support for StripGrids in the skin files, which will make setting up new skins much easier.  Multiple StripGrids are supported, and the old Strip format is still supprted as well in case you till want to place each strip individually. Most of the old skins have been cleaned up to use StripGrids, and a skin gallery is now available on the Web page.

You can get the latest version at .

Please note that I am putting this together at 3 AM, so it is entirely possibly that I've goofed something up as I'm completely exhausted.  If you see anything wonky, please let me know.


Lave Laar:
The link to the download doesn't work.


--- Quote from: Lave Laar on March 07, 2005, 03:42:34 am ---The link to the download doesn't work.

--- End quote ---
This is why I shouldn't do things at 3 AM.   ;D

Link fixed.


Thanks for fixing the link.  I'm already enjoying checking out the new skins. 

bjrock28.skn sure looks nice!

Thanks for sharing this, Chris!! :laugh:


My mouse is not working.  Mouse = Enabled.  I remarked out the pointer line just in case that was the issue, but no difference.

The mouse has worked in previous versions on my system.

I've only tried with bjrock28.skn.



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