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I've split this off from another thread to avoid a thread hijacking.

--- Quote from: Dermbrian on February 23, 2005, 12:04:07 pm ---Chris,

Add MIDI support to WinCAB?  That sounds like a great idea, if it really is extremely simple.  I have acouple of MIDI files that I actually listen to, and the jukebox could work for karaoke that way, too.

Maybe in Beta 7?  I think a lot of people are looking forward to Beta 6.

--- End quote ---
It would probably take all of 5 minutes to add basic MIDI support.  What would be harder is .KAR support; .KAR files are essentially MIDI files with embedded lyrics.

I've been debating whether to release what I have now as Beta 6 or push forward with trying to get CD skins working. There are actually a lot of changes in the version currently on my hard drive, but I'm not sure any of them are big enough to warrant a release.  Here's my changelog for this version.

Version 3.0 b6:
- Moved symbols into source code.
This means that jukkebox.dat is no longer necessary; it avoids issues where jukebox.dat and the executable were not from the same version.

- Added critical error logging even when logging is disabled.
- Added ability to load alternate display font and pointer sets.
This isn't really meant to be a "feature", per se, but it does give me some flexibility if one of these two things needs to be changed.  The display fonts and pointers are not in any standard format, so this isn't useful from a skinning point of view.

- Added ability to flip the text in a skin and created a "flipped" skin to go with it.  Images are not flipped, so skins need to be designed "flipped" to take advantage of text flipping.
This was a one-off feature for someone who had the juke in a Space Invaders cab, where the image is bounced off a mirror first.  I doubt it'll ever get used again...

- Renamed skin files to *.skn.
This way I don't have to have to burn 4 letters of my 8-character DOS-compatible filenames on the word "skin".  These are still plain text files.

- Moved Controls, KeyRepeatRate, AutoSelect, AlphaToggle, and Mouse settings to a new [Controls] section in jukebox.ini.
Just reorganizing, but for people who are upgrading, they'll need to rearrange their jukebox.ini to match.  Ah, the perils of beta.

- Added MaxRandomSonglength setting to control the maximum length of a song that can be randomly selected
For those of you with 90-minute mixes on your juke.

- Added more validation and debug logging to random song selector
- Added escape valve to random song selector to prevent loops after 20 attempts
Bug fixes.  Move along, nothing to see here.

- Changed random selection algorithm to use the popularity list; songs closer to the top of the list will be more likely to be randomly selected.
- Added a BTN_RANDOM key, which randomly queues a song.
Hey look, an actual new feature!

- Added an Escape key to indexer to cancel indexing.
For my own sanity during testing.  This is strictly a debugging key, so it is not remappable.

- Added a KeyboardLEDsOff setting to jukebox.ini.
This used to be hardcoded.  Controlling LED's may not be possible on all versions of Windows.

- Added basic screen saver.
Hey, another actual feature!  It's not a true visualization, though, because my MP# and OGG libraries don't give me access to the raw sound buffers.

- Added support for setting rotation by degrees.
As opposed to 0, 1, 2, and 3, although you can still specify rotation that way.  So Rotation=0, Rotation=90, Rotation=Vertical, or Rotation=Vertical Right all mean the same thing.

- Added support for titlestrips to be specified as grids in skins. Titlestrips may be defined now as Strip, StripGrid, StripX, or StripGridX.  All are interchangeable as long as numbers aren't repeated.
This makes setting up a new skin so much easer.  You can use multiple grids, and the default grid size is 1x1, meaning that skins using the old method of specifying each label location individually still works fine.

- Added a redraw of the tracker dialog when applying the skin.
This way you see the icons and labels while the indexer is running.  Looks cleaner.

- Changed default skin to use titlestrip grids.
- Changed alerts to add fatal crash logs.
- Added song year to database.
Preparing for a later feature that allows you to filter by year.

- Fixed precision issues regarding scaling math.  Skins may need to have coordinates tweaked to account for the correction.

Does any of this excite anyone enough to make this a release point? 

In fact, I was actually considering making this a release candidate for an "official" 3.0 and just saving CD skins, genre filters, etc for 4.0, since they involve some fairly large changes.  My real goal for 3.0 was rotation, skins and multiple resolutions, and we've had that for a while now....

If this does become a release point, are there small fixes/changes people were expecting or hoping for in this version that I've missed?


Thanks for moving this.  I realized I was hijacking the other thread right after I hit 'post'.

I think the following features, combined with the stability improvements, warrant an official 3.0 (non-beta) release. 

Size filtering option

I do think basic MIDI support (not .kar) would be great.  If people want lyrics, they can print a book of lyrics for next to their jukebox.

I do wish an standard  fonts could be used instead of the LED font for the information about "now playing", "coming up", "credits", etc.  That looks nice and appropriate on your jukebox screens, but does end up difficult to read at smaller sizes on personalized skins that I'm trying to make for myself.

Too bad about visualizations not being possible.   On that topic, I guess it must be just impossible for the winamp gurus to do a simple three channel color organ visualization in software.  Geiss and Milkdrop are OK, but I've never found a setting that reflects the music as well as a set of lights flickering to the bass-midrange-treble components of as song.  I guess I'll eventually invest in a color organ hardware kit and build something to my liking.

Thanks for asking.




--- Quote from: Dermbrian on February 23, 2005, 12:53:28 pm ---I do wish an standard
--- End quote ---


FWIW I vote for CD Skins rather than documentation and skin designers.



Who reads documentation anyway?  :)


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