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I wanted to put this out for comments...

I just added a simple screensaver to DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox.  I'm fine-tuning it's behavior now.  Right now, the screensaver will kick in after the number of minutes specified in the jukebox.ini.  It will clear the screen and display a kaleidoscope effect with the "now playing" display information bouncing around the screen in front of it.   I was just deciding how to bring it out of screensaver mode and I wanted to see if anyone had any comments or suggestions.

As it sits right now, if you press any mapped key or game pad button or axis, or move the mouse or push a mouse button, it will bring the jukebox out of screensaver mode and it will ignore the key or button to prevent accidentally doing something.  The exceptions are:

Credits: Inserting a coin will bring the jukebox out of screensaver, but the credit will not be ignored.
Volume control keys, radio mode key, pause key, select random song key, and screenshot key: These keys will operate normally when the screensaver is running, and will not bring the jukebox out of screensaver.

Does this sound good?  Should other keys operate normally while the screensaver is running, or should these exception keys behave differently?


That sounds great.  Perhaps also check for the 'Delete' (current selection) key, to allow the user to skip to the next queued song w/o stopping the screensaver.


--- Quote from: minnegopher on January 16, 2005, 10:40:20 pm ---That sounds great.
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I vote that Delete leaves the screensaver on. Also maybe a box around the floating song title.


Can you make it configurable from the jukebox.ini file?  That way folks can choose which keys bring it out of screensaver mode and which ones don't.


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