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Where are you thinking of having it. I live in Ottawa but could drive up for the day. I was just in Stowe, VT a couple of weeks ago.

We meet at Funspot then head over to Ed's place (about 5 min away) for some good eats, some beers and a heck of a good time.

Click me for Funspot info

Ed ONeill:
Ed' is closed for the winter what ?

I wouldn't mind going to meet up at funspot though.

Seems like there are a bunch of new people from MA on the boards, maybe they will come.

BTW.....I can't beleive you know the amount of days between the 1st meet and the 2nd...LOL


I'm interested.

I'm interested as well...december is crazy month though, might be better off adding another 30 days to that counter and trying for january since it's a 'dead' month.



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