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--- Quote from: mr.Curmudgeon on August 21, 2005, 01:54:27 pm ---
Next time, we'll have several people wearing BYOAC t-shirts...I have no idea why we haven't done that yet.


--- End quote ---

I wore my BYOAC hat to the first one, but everyone thought it was a lollypop.

I had my own mini-geekfest yesterday; in-between cleaning/unpacking Jen and I went down to our new local arcade (which is nothing compared to FunSpot, but it's there) and played some Galaga, Centipede and Asteroids. They've got an Ultrachode machine there and I was delighted to see that the thing was out of order  ;D
Some Asteroids wiz must live around here, everytime I go down there the hi-score is absolutely ridiculous. Yesterday it was at 999990- which is the highest it gets. Unless there's some cheat out there...

I can't believe how busy it was.  It's was like someone dropped a bunch of gremlins in the pool.  The bottom floor was flooded with little kids. 

Next time PM someone that is going and get a cell phone #.  We can probably post a picture of a few of the guys and set up an alternate meeting time, say 3pm for the people that are late (there's always a few).

Yeah, when I first walked into the place my reaction was "Holy Kids!!" I think the bad weather had a lot to do with it. Maybe when we have our next meet this fall it won't be as bad with the little munchkins back in school.

I like the idea of t-shirts - it'll make it real easy to pick out fellow forum members.


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