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Just Another Mame Cab...

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Hi All:
Just want to show my finished Mame Cab  ;D  ;D ;D and also some stand alone sticks that I made/converted. Thx for all the help I got here.... Nothing really special.  Converted a gutted cab, and added a keyboard tray below control panel.  If I want, the cp is only mounted by 4 panel clamps, so, swapping panel is easy if I decide to build more panels for this cab.  Marquee is still not printed.  Webpage still needs updates, but there are some details and pics available.

Advise/comments/suggestions are appreciated...

:)  ;)  :D  ;D

GRRR... >:(

MAN !  geocity suck so bad...i was looking at some pics and now it says tempory baned or somethin..

Anyhow i did manage to take a look at the final cab.

NIIIICE ! ! !....super duper clean looking.Also,what is that artwork on the panel? ???  hmmm..not quite sure but look like some game i never played.

Good work converting.I never thought it was possible to make it look like that.Your panel fitted so nicely on that cab.

NOW can i take back my cabinet back?I will give you your money back.LOL :D
Seriouslly,you did some fine work.Things like adding a drawer.i never ever thought it would be possible on that cab.


the art on tyhe cp is starwars pod racing i think
umm i have a question got any origonal stuff likt cp overlays or bezels?

Oh that star wars game for dreamcast.Now i remember.

Try to paint that bezel of yours...GLOSS black.Then you are 100% finished with the cab. ;D

Very nice cps2 cabinet.  Was the panel already 6 buttons (ie a street fighter cab)?

I need to do some custom paint job for my bezel.  Keep the flat black, limits glare.


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