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Doscab jukebox on an arcade monitor?


Hello.  Sorry for the stupid question, but is it possible to run DosCab jukebox on an arcade monitor?

I currently have AdvMame/AdvMenu configured in Dos 7.0, with a V330 video card, with no problems.  But I can't seem to get past the "double-screen", typical of > 15kHz refresh rates, when I try running DosCab.  

I've tried setting the refresh flag in jukebox.ini to 0, but that did not work.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Are you using AdvanceVBE as your VESA driver?  DOSCab cannot hit 15KHz frequencies on its own, but it should work through AdvanceVBE.  Be sure you're using 3.0 beta, as 2.41 requires 1024x768 resolution.


I got it working by using the Advance*-tools VGA and VBE.
There is also a VBE32 tool that might work better for some than VBE.
Make sure that you configure them first by running vbev and vgav. If they complain about missing files, create these from scratch or copy from standard.rc or similar (depending on your monitor type).
Before running dosbox, run vbe /l (or vbe32 /l), and then vga /l.
Make sure to set resolution in jukebox.ini to something that you have tested and seen working with vbev/vgav.
I'm not sure if I just commented out the refresh rate in jukebox.ini or if I set it to 60.
Good luck!


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