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how about NJ-ians get together ?

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all this get together in other states that is to far from me is making me jealous. So how about here in the Garden State ?
Before the WHITE stuff falls again this winter.

I'm in Pennsauken, NJ (actually considered the philly suburbs).
I'd be interested in a get-together somewhere.  Let me know when.


I grew up in Pennsauken NJ. Got out when I was 14. Now and for the past 12 years I have live in Ocean County NJ. Wouldn't mind a get together myself. Actually other than myself I know of no one else in my area with anything Arcade or MAME related.  

I'd love to get together with some NJ MAMErs, just not sure if my school schedule would allow it.

I'm in Hoboken during the week and home some weekends in my small town in Union County.

I'm in Eastern PA, but I'd be interested.


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