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Act-Labs Light Gun is here- Mame Problems

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Okay, my long wait it over and my Act-Labs gun has arrived. PC games work great. But.... in MAME I can't get any game calibrated!  It fires way off screen. I have downloaded in updated to MAME .61 ( but no luck. Do I need to do anything special to get it calibrated in MAME?

I have read a few posts on "enabling light gun support in mame."  How do you physically do this?

I think you need the windows version of it.... Mame32.. not Mame... cos I think I read their web site... it uses DirectX... so... dos version of Mame will not work with the gun...


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I have read a few posts on "enabling light gun support in mame."  How do you physically do this?

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You don't need MAME32 (although it will work), but you do at least need the Windows command line version of MAME, from

I use that version.  In order to enable Lightgun support, I had to use a command line parameter to create a mame.ini file, then edit that file.  There's a parameter in that file that you must set = 1 to enable the lightgun.

What you have to do to use the lightgun with the command line version of mame is use the  "-lightgun" option for example to start police trainer you would type

mame policetr -lightgun

I mainly use mame32 because I find it easier to make changes to specific games this way but for some games that I need a little speed boost I will run the cl version
it seems to run just a tick faster.

Oh and if your wanting to play Zero Point don't bother
the aim is off about 2" to the left and a little high! I hope sombody finds a way to fix this. That game was the main reason I purchased the gun! I have since found police trainer and now the whole familys hooked.
                                Good Luck and
                                   Game On!



also, read my post on lightgun accuracy


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