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First off let me say thanks for this GREAT app.  I've been using it for quite a while now on my mame cab and love it.

SO the problem.

I'm putting a new computer in my cabinet.  It's a brand new system with no ISA slots, but ac97 on-board.  After MANY, MANY hours finally got a sound blaster pci card installed and running under Arcade OS and DOS mame. Just downloaded the latest v.3 beta of doscab jukebox.  It finds my songs as before and allows me to select them for playing.  The first song in the cue say it loaded and starting to play, but stays on 0:00 and never actually starts.  Don't see any errors in the log at all.  I can keep selecting songs, but nothing ever plays. Previously when I had sound card initialization issues doscab would tell me so and error out. Not sure if this even sound related, but I'll bet it is.

Any ideas on what to look for??

thanks, dp

I had the same issue.  Your DOS sound card drivers are not loading or you don't have the right drivers for DOS for that sound card.

Or at least, that was my problem when mine was doing that same thing.

I believe the sound drivers have loaded since mame and arcos sound is working fine.  I had to kload a special driver though since there aren't any real "standard" dos drivers for most pci cards.  The driver is loading, but may be running in "mono-mode".  Could that be an issue?

What to do stil ...

thanks, dp


What's model of SoundBlaster card is it?

It's a PCI128 with the CT5803 chip (ensonic 1373 I think).  Idea?

BTW, got a couple of relatives who are aggie alums.  I from San Antonio.


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