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Got my Act-Lab Gun Today (Mini Review)

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I don't think they ever said that they will work with mame32... but mame.exe

That was why they added lightgun support to mame (add it in the mame.ini).

I would get it working there first.  Then move the mame32 if you feel inspired.

Also, different refreshs did different things to the old version.  So try increasing refreshs and see if that helps.

Last... if it was easy, then there would be  a ton of guns out there.  Consoles have one type of monitor, one refresh (for most that is) and people writing to that device (instead of writing a driver to act like another device).

I'm hoping they got it right... but it doesn't sound like it.

It specifacly says MAME32

Q: Will the gun work with shooting games under the MAME emulator?
A: Yes, provided that you are running the Windows version of MAME (MAME32).

I didnt make this up, they claim it supports mame32 go to the link and look at it  yourself.

I've tried reducing to Recommended refresh rate of 75mhz.

Refresh rate is not the problem.  The included Flash Demo works fine with the gun.

Mame32 however needs some configuration which is not explained anywhere in the act-labs website or included instructions on CD-ROM.

Since Mame32/Mame is being used as one of its selling points and openly advertised they should have included some information on how to get it to work in Mame32.

I may be just stating the obvious but make sure you go to the
options--default options -- controllers menu

in mame32 and check the box for enable light gun input.

I am expecting to receive my gun today but when i was checking out some of the gun games the aiming sight would go offscreen until I enabled the light gun input.

I can't wait to get my gun, When I do I'm gonna spend some quality time with Zero Point.

hope this helps


Something else... you might want to disable the mouse.

they get data differently

also, really try getting it working with mame.exe since it was what was changed to get it working.  I'm not sure if they were combining win32 version of mame and mame32 together.

I've just been in touch with Act-Labs to find out if there is a UK reseller, and alas, there isn't :(

So as I'm not prepared to pay as much for shipping as the gun is worth, I'm just going to have to live without one for the time being :(


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