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Act-Labs Light gun has shipped.


I just got the e-mail from Act-Labs telling me that my gun has shipped.  I'll post an article about how it works when I receive it.   :D

You get it yet? I just got my message today that mine is being shipped.  Did they send you a tracking number at all?

I got my tracking number today.  Should receive it 9/4/02.  Seems like a long time even for UPS ground.  Of course, UPS sucks (IMHO).  

I've been tracking mine it shipped out of washington on the 23rd and is scheduled to arrive here in Indy on friday the 30th. It got scanned in cach Illinois at noon today so I'm hoping to receive it tomorrow. Like a lot of other people I'll post some kind of review after I get it.

I got mine a few days ago.

Quick review:

- It installs easy you just stick it in-line with the vga monitor and stuff the usb connector into the usb port on your PC

- First thing I noticed, the thing keeps your monitor blank during post until it hits Windows 2000 (on my intel motherboard anyway) and the USB port is enabled, then the display turns on..   I turned on my computer and was panic'd as the display was blank.  Looked like a lockup, but it's not.

- You _HAVE_ to recalibrate the gun every time you start a new game that's a different resolution than the last one you calibrated on. Luckally this is about as easy as pie.  You just turn on the calibrate switch and wave the gun in a + from top to bottom, left to right and your calibrated..

- MAME has to be set to lightgun for it to work. Standard mouse will _NOT_ work..   MAMEFe supports this with the latest version.

It's not quite as accurate as I'd like, I guess I'm spoiled by real arcade games with better guns..  It is quite playable in things such as the nintendo VS gun games..  I had a tough time being accurate in the Exidy gun games, they tend to be more sensitive as to shot placement.

I haven't got anything else to test other than Maddog McCrea but I haven't tried that yet..

Gregory McGill


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