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??? [NuLL]pAd ????


heres a light sketch its going to be a dual interface a ps2/serial trackball and a propad6 (6 button gamepad)

i decided to call it [NuLL]pAd if you have any ideas please share them with me

The trackball looks to be far too close to the butons. There is a significant amount of space required to fit a trackball. If you look at Lusid's control panel templates: you'll see just how much space is requied.

oops ill just change the picture at the end of the link its a mouse not an arcade trackball.... heres the new pic

i chenged the origonal link so the ne abouve i the same pic.,... or it should be anyways use the url

well i started cutting plywood and realized its just not gonna cut it neither are 2x4s so im gonnma goto lowes i guess and get some mdf....


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