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Anyone know where to get plexiglass in the UK?

Do B&Q or Wickes do it?

I saw some really skinny stuff in Homebase when I was in there on Sunday. To be honest, it doesn't look very solid, but then I'm not sure what sort of thickness should be used really.

I've just been on the Focus website, and it's a bit pants :( I tried a search for plexi, but it said that this item isn't available on our website.

Google isn't much help either, but I suspect a more careful search may turn up some results.

If you do find a supplier, please post it here, as I'll be shopping for some myself :)

Oh, whereabouts in the UK are you? I'm just outside Cambridge.

Have a look at - they sell it in fairly large (if thin) sheets for reasonable prices. Shipping is quite expensive though (compared to the cost of the plexi).

Bit of a sarf londoner myself  8)

Damn yeah!! Thats a bit expensive.

Cost of plexi =
3mm Acrylic Sheet Clear 600mm x 660mm      =    5.58
3mm Acrylic Sheet Clear 1200mm x 660mm    =  11.16
3mm Acrylic Sheet Clear 2000mm x 900mm    =  22.91

Shipping is


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