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It seems as if there's always "one more thing" to do and one more week to wait, so I've opted to release what I have now rather than wait for everything to be completely done. The victim in this release are CD-based skins; they are not quite ready for prime time, as cover art isn't available yet and CD numbering isn't working properly.

This version does contain four usable skins: the default skin, which has on-screen buttons suitable for a touchscreen; a "classic" skin which looks like the 2.41 version; an Arcade Jukebox 8 clone which will work with any Arcade Jukebox 6 background; and an experimental "high-density" skin with no background at all yet that supports 15 labels (30 songs) on the screen at once.

The other big loser in this version is documentation; I haven't written any yet. Most of what you need to know is in the comments in jukebox.ini. There is no configuration GUI, so all configuration changes are made by editing jukebox.ini.

I know this is a rough release, but if I wait until it's completely polished it'll probably never get out...

NOTE: This beta version keeps a debug log in a file called allegro.log. This file has the potential to grow very large in an extended session.

The beta can be found at .

Here is the changelog for this version:

- Added multiple resolution support.
- Added rotation support.
- Added skin support.
- Added TrueType font support.
- Added OGG Vorbis support.
- Added multiple dot-matrix font sizes to support multiple resolutions.
- Added support for multiple song paths.
- Added ID3 support.
- Added function to release unused time slices so jukebox no longer uses 100% CPU in Windows.
- Added mouse support.
- Added mouse cursors to jukebox.dat.
- Added touchscreen (invisible mouse) support.
- Added icon support.  Icons can both send messages and respond to messages sent by the jukebox.
- Added new default skin with on-screen icons for mouse or touchscreen use.
- Added support for button- or joystick-based GUI navigation (up, down, left, right, tab, select).
- Added support for single (Arcade Jukebox-style) title strips in addition to the standard double (45-style) title strips.
- Added support for CD-style title cards; in this mode, songs are sorted by album, not artist.
- Added splash screen/indexer status display.
- Added file version block.
- Added BTN_EXIT; the ESC key is no longer hardcoded to exit.
- Added BTN_PAUSE.
- Added a "radio mode"; if BTN_RADIO is pressed, the PlayStimulator value is overriden to a one-second delay, causing music to play continuously until BTN_RADIO is pressed again.
- Added ability to disable unused displays.
- Added ability to adjust the number of lines in Now Playing and Coming Up displays.
- Added album name to Now Playing display when at least 5 lines are displayed.
- Added ability to specify number of titlestrips per page; removed hardcoded setting of 8 titlestrips per page.
- Added JPG support.
- Added Unicode support.
- Added key repeat.
- Added joystick/gamepad support.
- Added a configurable brief delay between songs.
- Added a slight delay before the automatic select when AutoSelect is enabled.
- Rebuilt indexer; eliminated need for jukelist.
- Rebuilt music API.
- Jukebox will now play in the background while MAME plays in the foreground (in Windows) if the hardware mixer supports it.
- Changed screenshot function to output BMP files instead of PCX.
- Moved play counts to song database.
- Moved graphics from datafile to individual files to support skins.
- Moved symbol definitions to jukebox.dat.
- Moved control definitions to separate ini file; default file is controls.ini.
- When using Artist Sort, the word "The" at the beginning of an artist name is now ignored for sorting purposes, so "The Beatles" now sorts under B rather than T.
- Songs are grouped on labels by album and in track order (when known) within an artist.
- Fixed major bug that was causing excessive CPU usage (labels continually redrawn).
- Fixed bug where songs wouldn't start in the background in Windows.
- Fixed bug where SongPath wasn't actually working in Windows.
- Fixed bug where files with a # in them could not be played.
- Fixed bug where read-only files could not be played.
- Fixed bug where last titlestrip wasn't being displayed.


I'm loving it so far!  I've been dorking around with the skins and controls.  So far I haven't found any issues.

Now THAT is what I call an update list.... :D

Superb work. Now I really will have to sort out all my mp3's!

Keep it up! Nice one.


Looks incredible.  I may redo my jukebox with a trackball instead of buttons (or maybe a touchscreen.)  Keep up the good work.

BTW, I think I'm going to keep my directory structure rather than use ID3 tags.

Thanks again.



--- Quote from: chipsdad on July 06, 2004, 11:45:16 am ---BTW, I think I'm going to keep my directory structure rather than use ID3 tags.

--- End quote ---
If you want to go this route, go into jukebox.ini and set UseID3 = False.  If the music files are one folder from the SongPath root, the folder name will be assumed to be the artist.  If the folder is two or more levels deep, the folder name will be assumed to be the album and the parent folder will be assumed to be the artist.  (I should probably make this configurable...)

I just realized that even with this setting, OGG files will still use their internal tags, since they don't use ID3.  Hmm.



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