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Finally getting this thing all together!!


Well I only found out about MAME about 1.5 months ago, but I spend a LOT of time researching the topic (especially this site), and I'm ready to go!!!

Now I know I'm committing sacrilidge, but... I'm converting a Killer Instinct 2 machine! (Gotta love how huge and solid those newer Midway cabinets are and the 25" screens are pretty!) Don't worry, I have some respect. I'm leaving the original game in there, and my games will just have to learn how to share because the original game will be switchable with the MAME machine. :) (Of course, nothing beats the original KI so I've traded out the for the "original" KI game, not the second one.) If budget allows, I may upgrade to a VGA monitor for full-scale PC game action.

I'm following the PC2JAMMA paradigm and not chopping the thing to pieces. The sideart is too pretty! (*whistles* Orchid *growl*) From the outside, it will still look like a brand new KI2 machine so the pictures won't be anything fancy. But inside... alongside the original hardware it will have a PIII 866MHZ running dual-boot Win98 Command Prompt and WinXP. And you can't forget the THX-certified 400watt sound system for the MP3 jukebox (and for all the effort you better believe it won't be free). :)I'll tell you more when I've got some pictures to show for it.

However... In the VERY near future (next couple of weeks) I also plan on building a MAME Frankenstein from a scrap cabinet (so you'll still get to watch me go psycho inside and out on it). That's the one to watch!!! It's going to belong to my fraternity - Phi Sigma Kappa, so it's going to be a large team effort. :) It's going to also be a multi-media workstation, an MP3 jukebox/mixer/server, a surround-sound DVD player, and more (if the budget permits). With as many people as we have on the job, this one is going to be a beauty! (If we dont' go collectively broke.)

I don't have a site up yet, but it's only a matter of time. I need to find a site host first. Anybody got any suggestions? Anybody got a good name for the KI MAME machine? I've already got plenty of help for the other one.  ;D

In the end I just didn't have the heart to start chopping away at that beautiful KI machine. All work (and budget) will go into the upcoming project, and I also plan on building a dedicated MP3 jukebox. (Anybody know where I can get a busted up old jukebox? Otherwise I'm gonna go with a cabaret.) I want to get a touch screen with it, but they're kind of pricy. That might come later. Arcade machine first!!!

I had a bad experience with the guy I'm supposed to be buying my cabinet from (for $25). He's a dealer so he's treating me like crap since I'm not spending much. He has no appreciation for the games. He chops and rebuilds games on a regular basis with no regard for the feel of the original hardware.

But since he is such a Dr. Frankenstein, he holds onto his trashed parts like gold! He actually puts his junk on his routes. :P Needless to say, it's been hard getting anything from him. On top of that he virtually ignores me since I'm not spending thousands of dollars...

Sorry I just needed to vent, and this project may take longer than expected... I may just buy a working Tekken2 for $200 because I like the cabinet soooo much. (It's identical to an original MK cabinet, but without the artwork.)


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