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Am I missing something?


I was reading the book and finished most of it and now that I am about to start work I was looking at the Project Arcade plans and noticed something funny. The plans call for two "control panels" to be cut out. One on the side one panel board and the other on the side two panel sheet. The instructions following and the final pictures look as if only ONE of those control panels were used. Am I missing something obvious? If I am not, why cut out that second panel?

I believe that in the book Saint mentions that you can use one of the 2 cp tops as a practice board.  It isn't necessary but I imagine it is in there because there was space for it.  The book also mentions to make the cp top out of 5/8" instead of 3/4" if you are going to be putting a sheet of 1/8" plexi on top.  I am putting together a test cp top myself using the 3/4" sheet.  This way I can test out my layout for a bit and when I finally get a CPO made I will make a top out of 5/8" that will be my "permanent" top.


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