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The world must be coming to an end... DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox getting updated soon

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That sounds awesome Chris!  I especially like your new allowances for removable media.  My mp3 jukebox is going to have a CD-Rom drive in it.  So I can pop in a CD with mp3's on it for Christmas or something like that.  Cool.  I also appreciate the ID3 tag support.

Thanks again for all of your efforts!


--- Quote from: Chris on June 14, 2004, 12:53:34 am ---Titles will have excess information cropped from the beginning of the title, so a file called "02 - Avril Lavigne - Complicated.mp3" will come out as "Complicated".  This auto-crop looks for the last "- " (a dash followed by a space) in the filename and crops anything before it.  You can disable this behavior by setting SmartCrop to False in jukebox.ini.

--- End quote ---
One other note: The database is stored as a plain text file so if you don't like what the indexer comes up with for the title or artist, you can edit it directly.  Records look like this:

--- Code: ---{292960THEB}{The Boys Are Back In Town}{Thin Lizzy}{}{0}{1029626826}{267}{1}
{587648HOLD}{Hold Me Now}{Various}{Rock Of The 80's Volume 2}{0}{1015096278}{286}{0}
{610089IWIL}{I Will Remember You}{Sarah McLachlan}{}{0}{1029687624}{287}{1}
{319335ANGE}{Angel}{Sarah McLachlan}{City Of Angels}{4}{1029688080}{269}{0}

--- End code ---
The first field is the file ID; you wouldn't want to change this or the filename resolution will fail.  The second field is the title.  The third is the artist.  The fourth is the album name. The fifth is the track number, or 0 if it could not be determined.  The sixth is the file date, in number of seconds since January 1, 1970; if this is different from the file, the indexer assumes you've updated an MP3 tag and recreates the data for the record.  The seventh field is the length of the song in seconds, and the last is the number of times the song has been played in the jukebox.  If you were to move any lines around or add or delete lines, the index file (jukebox.iwx or jukebox.idx) will be invalid and will need to be deleted; it will be recreated on the next run.

For those using DOS who already have their files organized by artist and actually liked JUKELIST.EXE, you can get the same effect by disabling ID3 support, running the jukebox once in Windows, then disable auto updates and copy everything to the DOS machine.  The DOS machine will then rebuild the index, matching up the short filenames with the file ID's. (If you have a large number of files with the same first six characters in the same folder, Windows 9x will be better than NT/2000/XP, as they handle short filenames differently when more than five files having the same six characters at the beginning of the name.)

Wow... I have a ton of docs to write, don't I?


I would love to tests out the new version of your app, i am presently using my arcade machine with your app as my jukebox, problem is though i have a rotated 20" monitor and get a sore neck selecting songs.....

--- Quote from: Chris on June 01, 2004, 12:54:11 am ---Yes, I'm finally making progress on DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox, only a year after I promised that the next update would be available "soon".  I've pushed off the CD- style jukebox support (and I may not go back to it, as so many others do that so well) and auto-indexing via ID3 support for now so I can concentrate on support for multiple resolutions, rotated displays, mouse/touchscreen support, and skin support.

I'm going to need a beta tester or two, preferably someone using an actual arcade monitor or a TV and/or someone with a touchscreen.  If you're interested in being a guinea pig, please let me know!  :)


--- End quote ---


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