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--- Quote from: DrewKaree on November 25, 2008, 07:10:50 pm ---
--- Quote from: javeryh on November 23, 2008, 08:51:13 am ---Thanks.  I'm having a hard time setting this up I guess.  I'm getting around a 50% failure rate trying to rip my CDs and some of them take an hour or more (and still fail).  This doesn't seem right.  At the pace I'm going (4CDs a night) it is going to take years to finish all of them!

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Sorry, haven't been around as often as in the past and I missed this.

Just how bad are your CD's?  Are they newer, and perhaps have some sort of copy protection on them that is hindering your efforts?  What parts, exactly, are you finding difficult to set up?  Maybe I can help with that.

This very well may be an outdated tutorial, but it's the way I still rip the CD's I purchase.  This wasn't designed to be fast, so if you were expecting quick results, this method most likely isn't for you.  The goal (and purpose) is to get accurate rips. 

I had 2 CD's that wouldn't read whatsoever.  They did take several hours, because the program, when set up as laid out, is designed to try to get that information, and I was asking it to do something extremely difficult, which takes time.  Of the 2, when I tried to simply pull the info off quickly, since it wasn't going to rip them accurately, 1 wouldn't rip at all, and I ended up ripping my friend's copy of the disc.

I also found that when I tried to use 2 drives at once, they competed for resources and it took longer than if I had simply used 1 drive and done them all separately.  Again, it was due to the nature of the process and the quality of my materials.

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Thanks for the response.  I'm not worried about the time it takes to rip - I am going through my whole collection and I am more concerned with the accuracy of everything.  It seems like on about 50% of the CDs I rip I am getting "read errors" and "sync errors" and then when the process is finished I get a "suspicious position" in the report.  I don't care that the reader is spinning at .1X or whatever - I just want an accurate rip.  The CDs do not appear to be scratched or scuffed [I keep them all in a large CD book (not their cases)]. 

Maybe I should give the "suspicious position" .mp3s a listen and see if there are any sound problems...

Your guide is awesome by the way - I set all this up in 15 minutes.   :cheers:

I dunno if there might be a problem with your drive, but I do know when I first started ripping my CD's, I had ordered 2 new Plextor drives and was impatient while I waited for them to hit my doorstep, so I started with the drives I had (IIRC, I had an Aopen and another generic drive that I was replacing).  I got a bunch of sync errors with that combo, but once I got the new drives in, those same discs were read perfectly fine by the new Plextor's.  :dunno

Perhaps you can test the discs in another drive or PC.  In theory, that'd tell you if it's the drive or the discs (or at least hopefully point you to possible problems). 

One other thing you might want to try for those discs is to drop the speed it rips at.  It automatically does this when it's trying to pull off the info, but sometimes it just needs a nice easy transition into some sketchy parts of a disc, instead of running at top speed and then having the software throttle the drive speed down in a hurry when it gets to those parts. 

FWIW, one of those Plextor's went bad on me too, so the brand name doesn't necessarily mean jack squat.  I had a brand new straight-out-of-the-box NEC drive that was useless for ripping - it even gave me problems with a just-unwrapped disc that I threw at it :dizzy:

I just use burst mode and accurate rip now - only change it to secure if I get non matching CRC's with most other people.


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